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cy·no·sure [sine shoor] (plural cy·no·sures) noun

  1. center of attention: somebody or something that is the center of admiration, attention, or attraction
  2. guide: somebody or something acting as a guide or used for direction. Guidebooks are the cynosure of the inexperienced traveler. [Late 16th century, Via Latin Cynosura the constellation Ursa Minor, containing the Pole Star (hence guiding star, hence center of attention) from Greek kunosoura, literally dogs tail.]
    Encarta® World English Dictionary[North American Edition]©

Cynosure Software LLC

Cynosure Software LLC was formed in 2002 by Michael Tefft and Richard (Ric) Henry. The creative impetus for this partnership was the vision of reducing risk by addressing complaints in a prompt, efficient manner and using data to spot trends that could result in an incident. Since its inception, Cynosure Software LLC has sold Complaint Tracker to facilities in Florida, Missouri, North Carolina, North Dakota, and West Virginia.

Our Team

Michael (Mike) B. Tefft, Co Founder and President

Mike has fifteen years of experience in all areas of information technology:

  • Mike holds a BS with Distinction in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Clarkson University
  • Thirteen years of experience in the Information Technology field at Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals
  • Development experience in a number of technologies including Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, HTML, Java, Oracle, and SQL*Server.

Richard (Ric) J. Henry, Jr., CNHA, Fellow, Co Founder and Sr. Vice President of Marketing

Ric is also the owner and President of LTC Alliance and is a respected healthcare professional with many years of national and international experience:

  • President of Heaton Publications Inc. (1997-2000) - managed Heaton's national marketing campaign to promote product lines to multi-facility healthcare corporations and insurance companies
  • Coordinated new long-term care facility start-ups in Tennessee, New Mexico, Hawaii, and California (1980-1997)
  • President of Aloha Management Company (Honolulu, 1990-1996), a Tokyo-based firm created to train Japanese nationals in American-style long-term care operations
  • Developed a skilled nursing policy and procedure system and coordinated training for Medi-Coop Inc., a Japanese healthcare corporation based in Tokyo (1990-1996)
  • President of the Hawaii Long Term Care Association (1992-1994)
  • Vice President of the New Mexico Healthcare Association (1984-1986)
  • President of the Hawaii Chapter of the American College of Health Care Administrators (1990-1992)
  • Member of the American College of Health Care Administrators for over 20 years and a Certified Fellow
  • NHA licensed in six states including Tennessee, Georgia, New Mexico, Hawaii, and California and holds a current NHA license in Massachusetts

Our Partners

Cynosure Software LLC is proud to partner with the following organizations:

LTC Alliance LogoLTC Alliance is a consulting and service firm specializing in risk management for the healthcare industry. Our services cover all aspects of risk assessment and management for insurance carriers and healthcare providers:

  • Onsite inspections
  • Training seminars for underwriters, brokers, and providers
  • Workshops
  • Survey data reports
  • Custom policy and procedure systems
  • Regulatory compliance solutions
  • Claims management and advising

American College of Health Care Administrators Logo The American College of Health Care Administrators (ACHCA) is the professional society for nearly 4,500 administrators in long-term care, offering excellent educational programming, career development opportunities, and certification in a variety of positions. ACHCA members enhance their professional development through education that is geared to the continuum of health care administration and that emphasizes long-term care — an approach that clearly improves the quality of care they provide.

Members of ACHCA are entitled to a discount when purchasing Cynosure Software LLC products.


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